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Can Pro 3 Type Cover be used with Pro 2?


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Subject line basically tells it all. I own a Pro 2 and have no plans to upgrade (until a possible Pro 4 comes around). I've read that the Pro 3 Type Cover is an improvement over the Pro 2 Type Cover, so I wondered if it would fit with the Pro 2. I'm aware of the difference in size. Currently I use a Wedge Bluetooth keyboard.
It will work, but it will look stupid, as the keyboard is bigger than the Surface. The actual keyboard is the same size, just has larger borders on the left and right side, and well, is longer as well, as the device is bigger.
Should work, as it works the other way round...

I presume you're not planning on transporting it like this? Must admit I had this thought too as mine is docked 95% of the time. But, if it ain't broke don't fit it I suppose, I get on with the original just fine.
I planned to mostly use it at home. However, I will probably opt for the original type cover, since the Pro 3 version will not be available in my country until Aug 31. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
i really like the power cover, just the other day i got like 5 hours gaming time without plugging it in, and i still had 45% left.