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Can we change the nibs on the Surface Pen?



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I have been informed by TPTB that the nibs for the new Bamboo Feel pen are a match for our pen. Will visit the Wacom site later and see if they have any for sale.

Although the nibs should help I think the primary problem is my terrible handwriting. I have been practicing but 45 year old habits are hard to break :).


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Has anyone actually ordered the Bamboo Feel nibs from the wacom website that can provide feedback?
The bamboo feel rubber nibs will fit. I'm using one regularly now. Note that they are a hair shorter but if you don't push to hard when writing you can use it without pushing it all the way in. When pushed all the way in using some nail clippers is a fantastic way to remove it (just use care to not clip off the end). The rubber provides some extra drag against the glass. I enjoy it.