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Solved Can't auto rotate most of the time. But sometimes.


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Hi All,
I have a weird issue. The auto rotate does not work, but sometimes it does. The "screen" symbol under the charms bar is not present. Just "brightness". When I dock the SP3 - with external monitor, the "brightness" icon changes into the "screen" icon with a locked padlock. Immediately after undocking and thus disconnecting the external monitor, I'm able to do 3 or 4 rotations, and then the padlock appears, then greys out and then the icon changes into "brightness" again and auto rotate is is not available anymore. This happens all by it self. The whole thing is repeated every time I dock/undock.
In a way it feels like the SP3 has mixed up the monitors as the "screen" icon is visible when docked and disappears soon after undocking.
I have tried to uninstall Intel drivers (and delete them from the system), and reinstalled from the January MSI. To no end.
It is probably nothing wrong with the sensor as it works all the time while booted in Win 10 TP. Nevertheless, I ran the troubleshooter on MS, and it did not detect any faults with the senors.


I guess a refresh might fix the issue, but I rather not, It is too much to reconfigure...


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Do you power down when you undock or just snap the sides and pull it out live? I rarely use portrait mode but when I do, it sometimes hesitates like my phone when I want to go landscape. I just knock on the side a couple times and they usually rotate for me.


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Do you have TuneUp installed? When the program detects that you are on battery and changes to the power save mode it also changes the display behaviour like you discribed.