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Charging issues



I'm new here and think this might be an old problem but m Surface Pro 2 won't charge.

Left it charging all night and it stayed at 13%. Turned it off and on an it now says 'plugged in, not charging'.

Had a look around and it seems like a known problem. Any known fixes other than a 30 mile drive to replace or refund it ?

Thanks for any/all help.
Nope, your best bet is an exchange, assuming that's what you want.

I have the same issue. Sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't. Either way, I'm getting a terrible battery life -- averaging 3 hours or so.
It does seem to be charging and giving my normal battery life (6-8 hours) but the percentage displayed on the desktop doesn't seem to change.

It knows it's charging and then stops charging, presumably when it is full.