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Convert DVD VOB to Windows RT tablets for playback


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Many people find way cracking and ripping DVDs to VOB format, hoping to save the time hunting for favorite movie among tons of discs, but then they have problems with the VOB clips – the main movie is divided into a set of .VOB files rather than one big file. Moreover, the VOB will neither play in Windows Media Player nor by iPad or Android tablet. Even now with Windows 8 tablet, playing VOB is still a problem. For example, the Microsoft’s Windows RT tablets can not play .vob files at all.

Suppose you’re a Windows RT user, and would like to put some .vob videos to the Windows RT tablet for watching, here’s a workaround. Other than ripping a DVD to a set of .VOB files, you can also convert the entire DVD into one .MP4 file, which is naturally supported by all Windows 8 tablets. If you have .vob clips in the original file structure, you can load the folder to Pavtube DVD Ripper and convert them into MP4 – the software will read DVD structure and combine all the VOB streams into one file in the proper order.

Get Pavtube DVD Ripper for Windows
| Get Pavtube DVD Ripper for Mac

Step-by-step Guide: Converting DVD/VOB folder to Windows 8 tablet (Microsoft Windows RT)

1. Click “Load DVD” to import movies from DVD-ROM to the DVD to Windows RT converter.
2. Select main movie.


3. Click “Format” bar and select "Windows > Microsoft Surface Windows RT H.264 Video (*.mp4)" profile from the drop-down list of Format bar. This format is specialized for both Microsoft Windows RT and other Windows 8 tablets, which guarantee fluent and perfect video playback on Windows RT.


4. Press the big Convert button to start ripping DVD VOB to Microsoft Windows Windows RT video.
5. When conversion completes, click “Open” to locate the DRM-free movies. Now you’re ready to transfer movies to Microsoft Windows Windows RT slab for watching on board or wherever you like.