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Cortana Will Eventually Bring Android Notifications Directly to Your Windows 10 PC


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Here's another great example of Microsoft planning on creating cross-platform compatibility which will be handy for many of us. During their developer's conference today, Microsoft detailed their intentions to make Cortana capable of bringing your Android notifications to your Windows 10 PC. It will likely also be exclusive to Android devices at first, and will not likely come to iOS devices. Here's a quote with a few more details,

"Cortana for Android will build up a user notifications store in the cloud, allowing the notifications to mirror onto a Windows 10 PC. The software maker is also planning to allow you to dismiss notifications on an Android phone from a PC. Naturally, this functionality will work for Windows 10 Mobile devices too, but Microsoft won't be bringing this to the iPhone. That's largely because iOS is a lot more restricted, and Microsoft's Cortana app would not have the access required to interact with notifications and respond to messages. Microsoft is planning to bring this notification support to a "future version of Windows," so it's likely this will arrive with the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 this summer." ~ the Verge

What do you folks think? Will this be a handy feature? Is Microsoft working themselves out of their own Windows 10 Phones?