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Creators Update Silence?


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[QUOTE="hughlle, post: 169807, member: 14388" it has totally anhialated office. Despite a reinstall, I'm no longer able to open any desktop office application.

Hugh --
That is puzzling. I have two desktops on the Inside Ring -- currently running Build 16184. I have a SurfacePro and two more desktops running the production build of "Creators Update." All of these machines have Microsoft Office 2010 installed, and in all cases it runs just fine. I also have MS Office 2013 which is not currently installed -- just to keep continuity between the systems. I could try it if you want.

There is more to this puzzle -- somewhere.

Take care,

For o e reason or another it is fine on my S3 but no-go on my SP4. Fortunately I've finished all my assignments so I no longer require the use of office again.