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Darn you samsung!


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Well i'd read the article a short while back about Samsung trying to override windows update, and thought who cares, doesn't bother me :p

Until now. Just got a Samsung series 9 ultrabook back from an RAM and am setting things up for my mum, and it has been returned with a fresh install of windows 8 (not 8.1) but cannot even update it to 8.1 because Samsung software is stopping any updates from downloading.

I went into programs and features to get rid of samsungs software updater, and look at all this absolute crap that Samsung opts to pre-install on their computers..

xerox photocafe
user guide
SW updater
Support centre
Help desk
Norton internet security
Norton backup
Plants vs zombies
Absolute reminder
Adobe Reader
EAsy file share

It amazes me that people still buy Samsung stuff. Expensive ultrabook with a blisteringly fast SSD and it's sluggish straight out of the box because of a bunch of bloat. I mean plants vs zombies, really??


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IDK does PvZ have startup code loading? Wouldn't it only load on RUN which would be NEVER in my case. :)
They do have some dubious apps on there ... and blocking Windows Update is egregious. However on a Lenovo laptop you get all kinds of software they weave into the basic functionality like an on screen display instead of a caps lock light and such other nonsense which is always running.

Born of Cost Reduction and or boredom and look what I did engineering they have managed to save 3 cents by eliminating a keyboard light and in the process introduced destabilizing code and bloat while lessening the user experience. They're Dumbasses!


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Yup, I can't imagine this is something my mum would be playing :D

They also bake things into windows that cannot be uninstalled. every power up get's an admin rights message for S Agent to run (basically their updater that runs in the background) which cannot be uninstalled via programs and features (doesn't show up) and from what I've just read, the best option is to permanently disable it from the services list.

I'll never understand a "premium" (chuckle) company that is happy to tarnish its name and its product if it means they can earn a bit of money from the likes of cyberlink or Norton.


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Plants Vs Zombies is awesome though :D

Haha, I liked it till it became one of these freemium games, where it get's too hard to continue enjoyably without buying a power pack of this or that. I just have a feeling that a 60yr old vicar isn't going to be too interested in pc games :D Just trying to copy some pictures from a camera into her picture folder is cause for a headache alone :D


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Fair enough lol. I've never paid for anything within that game and just completed Dark Ages :D (5th stage)

Just downloaded Angry Birds 2 though and hear the freemiumness (that's some word) is ridiculous within that one.