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Data recovery from a blue screen Surface Pro 3


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My Surface Pro 3 decided one day to give me the attached screen. I therefore consulted the Microsoft troubleshooting pages and learnt that I should have made a recovery USB drive while it was still functioning to make my life easier when blue screens appear. Not to be deterred, I made a recovery USB drive from another computer and downloaded a Surface Pro recovery zip file and transferred the files to the USB drive as instructed on the Microsoft site, overwriting any duplicate files. I then went into the basic startup options by pressing volume up continuously and power on, to change the boot order to USB-->SSD. Then powered off.

After connecting the USB drive, I pressed power on but still ended up with the attached screen. If I make a recovery drive without transferring the zip files and power on, the Surface Pro goes to Surface setup mode, asking me what keyboard I want to select. I backed out by powering off because I do not want to factory reset the computer and lose all my data. Can I just repair my Surface Pro without losing all my data, and if so, how? If I continue with keyboard selection and beyond, will I get a chance to repair rather than reset? I'm very nervous about doing something which wipes all my data.

Thanks for any help!


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