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Deleting unnecessary recovery partition Windows 10


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I own a Surface Pro 3 i5 128GB purchased with Windows 8 installed. I then moved on to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Creating overheating and over-activity of the fan and occupying too much space on my 119Go I downgraded to the earlier version or Windows 8.1.

Today I wonder if a Windows 10 Recovery Partition has been archived on my hard drive. And if that's the case, I would like to delete it to free up space but without deleting the one reserved to the recovery of "state factory" Windows 8 or 8.1.
Could someone tell me the meaning of each "portion" / partition, please?
Of course, I understand that the partition "Windows C :" is essential and it matches my drive C
But what about the others?
Can I delete one that would not affect a need to reset to factory state?
thank by advance
Here are the details partition my hard drive contains (in "Disk Management"):


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Hello Nikita,
There is only one recovery partition on your machine and it is the last one (5.27GB). I believe it is the original factory state. Don't delete any other partitions. They are associated with the boot process of the machine.

On other computers I have downgraded the process deleted all the upgrade data. If you want to free up some space the way to look for it is with the Disk Cleanup tool. Right-click the disk name in any folder window or the start menu if it's there and select Properties. There are two levels and you can choose what to delete. After the first Disk Cleanup has scanned you will get a new dialog with an option to Cleanup System Files. I urge you to read about this some more as there are many web sites that explain them. You cannot hurt your system by using these tools.
Also, it is possible to carry a USB drive with the recovery image and then you could free the 5.27GB space. The following link is a start to that process but it is a little complex.
Download a recovery image for Microsoft Surface

Happy Trails


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Hi SteveL
At least I 'm sure nothing useless clutters the space I have left. And I really want to thank you because you are the only person who was able to answer me among all the community forums where I asked my question : D