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I put in an order for 30 Surface Pro tablets. After piloting the tablet for a month, my confidence level is high that the tablet is viable in a corporate environment. The ability to join to an Active Directory domain with full LDAP support ensures sufficient security and interoperability with other computing equipment.

Has anyone else here engaged in a deployment of Surface tablets in a business environment.
I wish i could but the accountants that would be recieving the thing would kill me. Went with 15" Lattitudes instead.
Would be pleased to hear your experiences when you have them up and running Uncensored2008!

I had 3 returned. Surprising. 1 because the used said the lack of disk space made it impossible to used as a notebook replacement. Fair enough. 2 more because the Apple fan bois couldn't adjust to Windows 8.

I redeployed these three, and still have 31 SP's in play.