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Device Encryption not working


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I am talking about device encryption in windows 8.1 and not bitlocker.

I have 8 Surface 3's. All are on a windows domain. 2 are also setup with a Microsoft account. Only one surface had device encryption running properly. The other 7 said device encryption is temporarily suspended. After a reboot I still get the error.

I then removed device encryption and rebooted on all 8 of the devices. When I go to re-enable device encryption I get en error "something went wrong" even on the one surface that was previously working.

I really can not find any fix on the internet besides someone mentioning a hotfix that does not apply to my system.

This working for others?



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I was going to ask what encryption software did he purchase since he didn't use the free bit-locker device encryption that comes with the OS.


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If disable Bitlocker on CS enabled machine I believe it also will disable CS as it is a requirement for CS to function correctly...