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Disk Drive Inaccessible


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It is said that self-inflicted wounds hurt the most, or something like that. I have somehow rendered a drive in my shop computer inaccessible.

It is a non-bootable, pure data drive. When I try to access it with File Explorer it responds "Access Denied." I can access it with an Admin Command Prompt, and see that everything is still there. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling thru device manager, but no help. I went to its properties and made sure it was shareable and adequate permissions were set. The BIOS lists it, and File Explorer lists it. It's there, but I am denied access.

I have been swapping boot drives (physically, not just BIOS select) in this computer while I played with Win8 Enterprise. I suspect that, in that process, I have offended this computer, and now I"m being paid back. My normal OS for this system is Win8 Pro. The two other drives I was playing with were Win8 Enterprise and a bare installation of Win8 Pro.

Any suggestions will be greatly appeciated.

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Right Click on the drive and click on Properties and click on the security Tab and click on Advanced then the owner Tab and take ownership then add your account into the DACL and give yourself full control.


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Thanks, Jeff.

That worked.

Don't know what I did to create the problem, but that just adds to an already long list of things I don't know.

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