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Displayport Issue - SFPro and Dell U2711


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Hey guys,

I'm getting really frustrated by now.

For starters here my setup:
Surface Pro (gotten today)
Dell U2711 (DisplayPort Connector)
DisplayPortCable by Dell
After Market mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort Adaptor

I tried almost all day to get this working, since it's pretty ital to me.

First Step:
Connecting Surface Pro via Adaptor and DP-Cable to the U2711
2. Changing Settings on surface Desktop
3. U2711 gets recognized by win8 and drivers being installed
4. awaiting signal on U271
5. nothing happens

So i figured: it could be the cable. Since i got a Desktop-PC that should bereplaced with mini-DP connectors i tried this.
it happens, that i can watch the whole booting procedure. Until the win7 splash screen appears.
after that normally the password interface pops up btu instead the U2711 goes itnto powersaving mode.

Sooo it'srather software related i guess.depends on, wheteher its the ATi (graphics card i have installed in my desktop pc) ooor the DELL driver since they will be loaded during splash screen.

anyone already got this problems? hints to solving it?

running the monitor via hdmi or dvi adaptors of any kind in 1080p isnt an optio to me

Best regards,
I had a similar problem. My Surface Pro worked perfectly with only a Displayport to HDMI cable for the months of Feb and March, then Microsoft did a firmware update in April which stopped the Dell from recognizing the SP. Went back and forth with MS for a few weeks, then decided to bring my SP to Best Buy and try it with the same monitor that I had at home (think it's a Dell S2440L). Thought maybe a cable problem but nope. The only solution was to add a Rocketfish RF-AP305 Minidisplayport to HDMI adapter and then use a standard HDMI cable between to Rocketfish and the SP. Works perfectly. I have no idea why but it works.

It was indeed the miniDp to DP adapter that wasnt working properly.

I tried some new ones I orderd online.And they work really well - also in 2560*1440P on my U2711

Best regards,
As I wote on #3: I did replace the adapter with a miniDP to DP cable

In my opinion that's what are about: offering solutions not unresolved problems. Mine was rather simple after all, but could end up in a lot of outgoing cash flow :)

If any mod eads this close it and maybe set a [SOLVED] into the topic. I would've done myself but it's not possible :(