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DLNA Target/Receiver App (receiving photos via DLNA)


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currently I'm using my smartphone to stream my photos or videos via DLNA to my Surface Pro 3, running Windows Media Player.

Now, I'm searching for an app which has basically the same feature, does anyone knows a good one?
Alternatively, Streaming/receiving via Blutooth, WLAN, Miracast is good as well.

There are a lot of app for streaming FROM my Surface TO a DLNA Client, but I want to stream to my Surface.


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I use Multimedia 8 as a DLNA client. It lacks in the UI department but it's free and gets the job done. I've also heard great things about PlayTo Receiver. This is a paid app, but for the next couple of days they are having a 60% off sale. (I'd post the link but I can only get the Japanese link for it without changing my settings to U.S.)