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Do you keep your SP3 on mains after full charge?


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I don't sweat it too much. I charge it overnight, or in the evening if the battery becomes low, and then usually leave it plugged in until I leave the house the next day. Sometimes if I know I have a heavy use day ahead of me, I'll be a little more aggressive about plugging it in throughout the day.


Dell and Lenovo Notebooks I use have some sort of "battery care mode", where they typically don't keep the charge at 100% when plugged in.

When I read the information about it, it told me, that this will extend the lifetime of the battery.

Is there a similar mode for the SP3? From my observation, the SP3 keeps the battery at 100% when plugged in or docked.


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Yeah a lot of the Thinkpads used to have that, but now, the last many that I've laid hands on, all use Windows 8's own power management.

The SP3 does not do that, and personally, I'm fine with that.


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We are all Lenovo where I work and now we've been switching to Surfaces. One of the things I do with all new laptops that I build for our clients is to remove the Lenovo Power Management. I'd rather the OS do the power managing. I have never gotten into worrying about tweaks and stuff to try and lengthen the battery life. Life's too busy and short to be worrying about making settings to give the computer batteries a little longer life. Hopefully mine will outlast the length of time I use mine.

Also what would this do to the millions that will have there SP's hooked to there docking stations all the time when they aren't on the road. I can see me telling my users to run down the batteries once in awhile to make them last longer and what reactions I'd get.