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Average battery life on your SP3 and how do you use the device?


I just got an i7/8GB/256GB SP3. The fan is loud when it gets hot under load, but I suspect that is expected because of the CPU. I have also noticed that I am getting an average of just above 4 hours of battery life per full charge. I sometimes have the device at 100% brightness, but for the most part it is 60-75%. I actually just exchanged the device for a new one due to the charge getting stuck at 99% and it read, "plugged in not charging".

Anyhow, I use it for web development, watching TV shows and movies (both on the device and streaming) and just plain ol' web surfing.

I was just wondering if all of you owners would be as so kind as to tell me what you are getting as far as battery life and what do you use your device for. I would surely appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help and responses.


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Everyones usage case will be different. Even 2 people watching 2 different films may see a difference in battery.

My (partners) SP3 is the i5/4gb model, and My own use of it has largely been onenote and occasional browser in the background, or word/powerpoint in the background, and was hitting roughly 8 hours, sometimes a bit more. Never really monitored the battery use under any other scenario as that is the only scenario where I would be using battery power. I also tend to make a habit of turning flight mode and battery saver on as I rarely need them.


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I use my SP3 (i5/4GB/128GB) as my main computing device. This means I use the following everyday: Office (principally Word, PPT and Excel), some apps - like OneNote, Readit, MoneyControl, and some news apps. With BT and WiFi on all the time and with brightness (on battery set at 30%), I find that my SP3 lasts about 8 hours.


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I use my Sp3 i7/8GB/512GB, W10 Pro mainly for browsing, Quora, FB, news, simple things, and the battery life is ridiculously low, like 4 hours max. I am into my second identical SP3, and they have both had the same battery problem. And when charging, the device gets seriously hot and the fan goes into high spin, even when the SP3 is just lying on the desk idling while charging. Again, two devices both with the same behavior, these devices are seriously flawed (or the production of them is).


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It turns out now that the batteries manufactured by SIMPLO are defective. MS finally acknowledges this, just google "surface pro 3 battery".

So... for everyone whose battery report includes "Manufacturer SIMPLO", you should contact either MS or the retailer to get your device replaced.