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Do you think a SP would suit my usage


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I'm after some advice. I'd like to get a surface pro as I'm after something with a bigger screen than my phone, but more portable than my desktop PC. I often spend my time reading online, watching YouTube, general light duties so any tablet would be sufficient for that. However I was wondering how up to the task a SP would be for occasional gaming? I personally like simulation type games (cities skylines/transport fever 2/tropico 5/planet coaster/the Sims) etc. But I really only do play them every now and again. I've tried using steam stream but find it too laggy for my liking and I'm limited to only playing at home.
I'd like to ditch my desktop PC all together and maybe get a NAS to store the bulk of my files for safe keeping.
Would this even be possible on any of the latest surface pros? I've read mixed reviews about the possibilities, some places say definatly no, others say yes on low settings etc.
Or can anyone recommend a good remote desktop app that is speedy enough to keep up/give reliable 30fps? (Unfortunately it's not really possible to plug my pc into the router for a wired connection as it's next to our front door.
Many thanks