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E-Reader Experience in Surface


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I'm curious to know what the general experience/reaction to e-readers has been. Also, is there any hint of a Nook e-reader app in the near future?


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You posted about this question twice. I've closed the other thread, because this seems to handle the subject generally. Please pay attention to the forum guidelines in future.
To answer your questions: I've been reading some blogs with news bento and read some books with freda and had some mixed experiences. While reading blogs or short pdfs in landscape-mode is nice, reading a book in portrait mode is more awkward due to the 16:9-screen. Just for reading books a 7"-e-reader is the more convenient solution.
No idea about a nook-app.

Edit: Seems a nook app is comign very soon: Nook reading app on Surface? - Microsoft answers
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Thank you for your response. I have since learned from other postings what I needed to know about the still unfulfilled Nook application. Regarding my two inquiries, as a very new member of the Surface community, I was in process of learning the protocols of posting. Not understanding a few of the stipulations on screen, I thought better of posting what turned out to be the first post, and I decided not to complete it. I had no idea that I had indeed posted it. I cannot say that I am happy about having been admonished for so unintentional an error, but at least one my two questions has been satisfactorily answered.