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Emulation gaming

I have had loads of fun today with emulation of many old computers and consoles that have passed on or been superseded.

Ranging from my first computer a ZX81 to a PS2 running Gran Turismo 4, it has been very interesting getting everything running. One essential item has been a wireless Xbox 360 controller with the plug in USB dongle.

The computer/console list and favourite game on each is...

ZX81 - Space Invaders (in 3k!)
Acorn Electron - Elite (24k)
ZX Spectrum - Knight Lore (49k)
Commodore 64 - International Karate + (171k)
Acorn Archimedes - Elite (800k)
Commodore Amiga - Cannon Fodder (3 x 880k)
Nintendo 64 - Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (32,768k)
Playstation 1 - Gran Turismo (619,769k)
Playstation 2 - Gran Turismo 4 (4,570,272k)

All of these I got running on the SP2 at almost the first try. I am off to Florida for Christmas so now have a massive gaming library which will take me back in time!
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What? No pong. My first computer was a Radio Shack Model 1 with a cassette drive. I think it may have had 16K memory. I like my Surface computers a whole lot more, although in 78' I was pretty happy with it.

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We had a Pong machine as well as a Tandy TRS-80 that played Tic-Tac-Toe but they were bought by my Dad. I only really wanted to emulate machines I had actually owned. Wow, amazing that I was impressed with Tic-Tac-Toe at the time!
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