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Excellent Article : Haswell - What You Need To Know...


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Worthwhile read:

Intel's new fourth-gen 'Haswell' processors: What you need to know (FAQ) | Reviews - Laptops - CNET Reviews

One interesting factoid: Atom processors which will be used in the smaller (8" and less) Windows Pure Tablets (non-hybrid) will be called "Bay Trail". The article really isn't about them so we don't know how powerful they will be but they are looking to be much cheaper than current versions. The question then remains, if you can get a cheap Windows 8.1 tablet running "Bay Trail" and full Windows, why does anyone need Windows RT? Are more powerful less expensive processors making Windows RT obsolete?

Another interesting factoid: Has everyone noticed that no one in the Technology Press is talking about new Android tablets - at all? ALL of the buzz is about Windows 8 tablets and hybrids. With some seriously worthy hardware and Windows 8.1 coming, Microsoft may be on the verge of domination after all.

I mean, why screw with Android when you can have full-blown Windows for the same price with better hardware? History may look back upon Android as a transitional software, a catalyst rather than the ultimate result. Now if Microsoft can just make Windows Phones not suck.

MS can own this if they don't screw it up.
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I Wouldn't call Windows RT as Fail but its failure on MS part to clarify What is RT is and why its not Windows
Biggest tech fails by decade:
80s: Betamax
90s: Laserdisc
00s: HD-DVD
10s: Windows RT

In defense of Windows RT one has to remember that MS started developing this years ago when it made a lot of sense. Unfortunately, as MS has a tendency to do, they were late to the game and by the time RT got here the market had moved beyond them. To put the nail in the coffin, MS overpriced their product.

Lucky for MS they are so big and have such deep pockets they can afford to be dumb and then eventually overwhelm the competition with brute force once they figure it out.

** At this point I am becoming less concerned for Microsoft's future and more concerned for the eventual resale value of my Surface Pro the longer I hold onto it :). More and more likely it will be going into the "old tech I give to my girlfriend" bin.
I Wouldn't call Windows RT as Fail but its failure on MS part to clarify What is RT is and why its not Windows

I honestly think this was due in part to MS making the Surface and Surface Pro look so much alike. Also MS should have done a better job of selling around the lack of sheer numbers on Apps in their Store. Sure Android and Apple have far larger numbers but the vast majority of those are "me too's" and basically crap.

MS needs to make it easier for Developers to be Developers. And of course, if Windows Tablets acceptance grows, new Apps will explode as Developers see a customer base to make money from.
Although a bit off topic, I’m still on the fence regarding the RT. If you really stop and think about it, the RT is really the perfect home machine.

Remember 20 years ago when the tag line was “a PC in every home”? Well, things have evolved. The average “home” users do three main things, email, web surfing, and social networking. Sub categories include artistic expression, (drawing/music) and entertainment (videos/games).

Does the average 21st century family really need a computer? Well, if you ask the average family with 2.2 kids, their first response is “I need a computer so that my child can do their homework.” But other than that, they really don’t have a reason for having a full blown pc. (Tech families excluded)

Enter the Windows RT System. It has email, web capabilities, social networking, art apps, music apps, movies, and games… And most importantly, Microsoft Office. It really is the perfect machine.

If only Microsoft can produce it cheap enough for the masses. This could be the home system which all standards will follow going forward. A PC in every home, may go the way of the buggy whip.
Here is an interesting article or slide show on how to fix win 8- I linked it elsewhere also incase it gets buried in the other thread.... Introducing Windows Red: A serious plan to fix Windows 8 | Microsoft windows - InfoWorld

No thanks. This isn't a fix this is just the same grumbling we've seen before, just with mock-ups. They've basically just added a bunch of functionality from Stardock apps.

Also dual-booting "Pro" and "Mobile" for hybrids misses the point of these devices entirely.

Windows 8 needs work sure, but these are poorly designed solutions.
RT would have been the perfect home machine in 2010. Now it's late, we need something revolutionary to overpass iPad. At last, Silvermont and Haswell are here...