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Execution of a DOS command each time a user logs off


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By chance, in Windows 8 Standard (and in other editions), there is one registry key or entry that can perform a reg command that is executed when a user logs off? This key or entry must operate at the global level.


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I'd recommend that you use the Task Scheduler... Here is how you'd do it:

Go to Administrator Tools, Task Scheduler, and use the "Create Task" (not the Create Basic Task)

On the General tab
Give it a name
Click on the "Run whether user is logged on or not"
(It will prompt you for a password)

On the Triggers tab
Create a new Trigger
Use the "disconnect from user session"
Click on the "Connection from Local Computer"

On the Actions tab
Add a new Action
Select a path to your batch file
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In an Active Directory Environment this can be handled by a Group Policy Object but would require Windows 8 Pro or higher otherwise as stated above the Task Scheduler would work the best, but keep in mind that it would delay log off and/or shutdown and the user would be alerted to the offending task.