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Extended Warranty: Best Buy or Microsoft?


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Not quite. Depending on what their system says, they may replace it with a refurbished one. (Ship yours out and ship the replacement in.) Their system also may say that it is unrepairable and instruct the associate to find a replacement instore that has COMPARABLE tech (2nd gen product is not comparable with 1st) or, if the customer wishes, issue a gift card for the item's *current value*. After the second gen releases, the previous gen price will drop, so you would have to pay for the difference.

You would only receive full value for the product if it was still at the original price at the time of replacement or if it is being replaced under the manufacturer's warranty for a defect.

I work at Geek Squad. :p
I have been through a black tie protection claim in the past, where the tech suggested a "comparable" model with higher specs and price than my damaged ultrabook, I refused to accept it cuz of the brand, they have me full refund what was on my original receipt excluding the protection plan cost in form of store credit.
I understand, techs can feed you BS if you don't know what you're doing.


I bought the extended warranty at the MS Store when I picked up my SP the day it was released. For $99 it offers even accidental drop protection, in that they will replace the damaged unit for any reason, except, of course, if you drill a hole through the device with an electric drill. ...

I'm confused. In the UK the extended warranty specifically excludes ANY accidental damage:

"SECTION 5. Exclusions and Limitations

(a) General Exclusions. Microsoft is not responsible and this Plan does not cover the following:
If Your Product or Product Software is:i.damaged by use with products not sold or licensed by Microsoft;
ii.opened, modified, or tampered with (including, for example, any attempt to defeat or circumvent any Microsoft technical limitation or security mechanism, etc.), or its serial number is altered or removed;
iii.damaged by any external cause, whether by You or someone else using Your Product , including, for example:•by being dropped;
•misuse (including use outdoors), abuse, negligence, or accident;
•damage during shipment, except from Microsoft or an authorized retailer or distributor to You;
•exposed to liquid;
•used with inadequate ventilation;
•scratched, dented, etc. or shows other cosmetic damage;
•failure to follow installation, operation or maintenance instructions"

Is this a US-only thing?



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Yes, different regions different warranty provisions. As I understand it EU laws offer better standard protections than are available in the US so the extended warranty may not make as much sense. Even when considering the extended warranty in the US the details in the text do not necessarily match what is verbally communicated as being covered or which may be honored if if not technically covered. As always, buyer be ware.