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For Android Phone Users: Great app to add Outlook.com Calendar Events w/ Contact Info


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** This is a tip for integrating your Surface pro Outlook Calendar with Outlook.com on your Android phone.

Everyone knows syncing your Calendars between your Android Phone and your Surface Pro interface can be a challenge.

One of the chief problems is that TPTB have decided that we don't need to link Calendar Events to Contacts (Yeah, I think it's crazy too). This can be worked around if you have the Office Version of Outlook (as explained here: http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...contacts-appointments-outlook-2013-a.html[/I]) but what about Outlook.com where there is no option to add Contacts to Events? Well, since you will likely only be making appointments using Outlook.com when you are on your phone (you would just use Outlook on your SP), there is a workaround for this.

In the Android Market there is a simple little app called "Contact Event". What this app does is create Calendar Events from a list of your Contacts and dump all of their contact information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) into the appropriate fields of your Calendar. Now when you have an appointment, you can easily navigate to it or call the attendee since their contact info is included in the Calendar Event! Awesome, right?

The cool part is that as you create the Calendar Event you can select your Outlook.com Calendar as the target Calendar. Now when you open the Outlook.com Calendar Events in your SP Outlook all of the Contact Information is included!
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I imported my calendar into outlook.com and installed the outlook app. The outlook android app will sync one of my calendars with my phone, but not the main one. Not sure why. It also will not sync with my surface RT. really making me mad! I exported my google calendar as an ical file and it imported on the website fine, but no sync happening.