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For the Love of Pete, Please Help.. Windows Live Mail 2009..


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My mother is basically computer illiterate; she just recently learned the difference between left and right clicks.

She's accustomed to an old-time favorite of hers, Windows Live Mail 2009. She doesn't want to learn another app/program/email client; she is stubborn and ONLY wants WLM 2009 (part of the Windows Live Essentials package)

I've searched high and low, using multiple search engines, along with many search queries/strings, but alas, have yielt nothing.

1) Now, there's 2011, which is indeed available, and on most sites you visit. This is obviously not the one I need, its the 2009 version.

2) There are also two separate types of .exe file for WLM 2009 -- A web installer, which is about 1.29mb. When double-clicked, it links to a MS server and downloads the remaining +/- 120mb. The sever is, you guessed it, down. So the FULL standalone installer is the only version that will work.

If anyone can find it, you'll have my eternal gratitude, I and endless thanks.


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Thanks, but that's not it...

Again, that's the WEB INSTALLER, which does not work anymore. I need the FULL STANDALONE installer, which is about 120 +/- MB....:(