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From Windows 8, to preview 8.1, and now back to 8.0.


This is an FYI for those interested.

Yep, I resorted back to Windows 8. Two problems I had, one of which could not be resolved.

With the June firmware upgrade, OpenGL failed with an astronomical software package I had. Research indicated others, many, had the same issue, with games and such. The solution was to install the graphics driver from Intel and make sure MS didn't reapply the June firmware upgrade.

Windows 8.1 I had network problems that I noticed from day 1 on 8.1. Issues were on wireless lan's, not a connected network. If I streamed entertainment content on Wi-Fi (like Pandora or amazon prime video) it was barely useable. If I connected Bluetooth audio to it, it was not at all usable. Searches also brought out other similar problems with Wi-Fi people were having. Could the lack of a firmware upgrade have solved the problem, I don't know for sure. Now I have been back on 8.0 for about a week now and my Wi-Fi / blue tooth issues have all gone away.
yikes. i hate to hear this. and i hate to say this but i set mine up to dual boot 8.0 and 8.1 on the pro and 8.1 on RT and i never use 8.0 ever. i dont have any issue on 8.1 accept a driver issue with display link. weird i guess.
Thank you for testing it for me, innovators. As an early adopter and according to your experience, this time I won't try it LOL
I had multiple issues with Store Apps not running, until I removed the Modern utility that put a close button on Modern apps. Now, no major issues so far.
Also there are 7 updates for 8.1 today addressing many of the issues around Store Apps and IE 11....
8.1 runs good considering it's a preview. it does have some issues, like the 6 row tiles keep going back to 4 tiles after waking up from sleep. And the scanner via wifi doesn't work anymore when upgraded to 8.1 (brother MFC-J4510DW). Other than these two, it's working fine on my surface pro. I am ab;e to watch netflix, hluplus, vudu without issues. And my adobe apps (illustrator cc, photoshop cc, etc) all work fine without issues as well.