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Fulcrum hinge and pressure point concerns


Paul Thurrott said it slid around on a tray riding Antrak. (apparently thr rubber feet are too small?) both he and mary jo foley say that + its top-heavy screen design makes it slide off their laps...

...which sucks, because fixing "LAPABILITY" was the whole point of this I thought!
That could be a problem unless the preproduction samples they tested didn't have the final materials on the bottom.
Hard to believe that during internal testing nobody at Microsoft noticed the bottom sliding around tables before sending samples out to reviewers who noticed the issue within minutes of using it.
Seems like it wouldn't be that difficult for Microsoft to make the rubber feet out of a grippier rubber/silicone so it doesn't slide around. Otherwise, the fix would be aftermarket adhesive-backed pads you stick on the bottom which would be tacky in more ways than one..
The SB can use a better rubber pad on the bottom. Seems to slide around easily on my wood desk and granite kitchen island. The good news is the screen does not move while typing on a hard surface. When I travel next week, I will be sure to put it to the test. It really feel solid. Plus I love the larger screen compared to my SP3.
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