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Gallery HD: Terrible application


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I just downloaded Gallery HD on my Acer S3, and while the app screenshots looked positive, in actual use, it's not.

1. Flattens your photo directory. Consider this, you have a total of 500 directories at the end of the root structure. This is what the app will do, show you all 500 directories and call it Favorites. This is the default "Sort by name" view.
2. No other way to organize other than "Sort by date"
3. Creates its own index and not use Windows Search service. Therefore, removing a folder's contents does not update Gallery HD, unless the app is re-started.
4. No other view available, just fixed tiles.
5. You need to go to "Browse folders" to see your top-level folders.
6. Cannot display RAW files.
7. Pinch, in/out to zoom in/out on an image does not work, it brings me the next image.

... I'll stop here, too much flaws already.


I have to say this...

8. The scrolling using two finger gesture is terrible!
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The included Photo app does #6 without a problem on my Nikon .NEF files.

I'll just schedule a nightly re-index of the Libraries and everything will be fine for me without resorting to 3rd party applications.