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Game of War, Candy Crush, and other popular Iphone games - no download for Surface


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I am not a huge gamer on my Iphone but I found a cool game called Game of War. There is no download for the Surface. My wife likes Candy Crush. Again a very popular game, but no download. It seems like MS is in no way trying to coerce the developers of these popular games to develop their games for the Surface. Why?? Most of the games available seem to be Surface only games. WTF Microsoft?? My prediction is that MS is getting out of the tablet business altogether. They tried it - they failed. Google supported devices have all these games. The Surface is a very solid piece of hardware but it is quickly becoming a paperweight around my house. We're thinking about giving to the mother-in-law and picking up an Ipad. I figure they already are waiving the white flag considering I only paid 200 dollars for this device.
Get an iPad.

Buying a tablet like the Surface while placing a very high priority on specific app games means you're a completely inappropriate consumer for this device; you chose badly. MS can't coerce 3rd party developers. It's up to the devs to decide whether to support any platform.
If all you bought a Surface for was to play crappy Facebook games, then clearly you have bags of spare cash lying around. So as stated above, why not get an iPad as well!
I use it mainly for a reader and web browser. Most of the articles I read said that Microsoft would be continuing to push for more application development. This is an RT by the way. It sounds like the Surface Pro has a full version of Windows 8.
You should try several of many available games that the Windows Store has to offer. One that got me hooked was Monsters Love Candy...and it's FREE! Try it out and you'll see that it's an enjoyable and addicting game.
Just a thought, With a Surface Pro, can't one create a virtual machine, install Android x86, and run the apk's for android apps, if you can find a place to download them?
I guess it would be a challenge to get Android x86 to use the hardware, but I would think a simple game would run?
You seem to be looking for BlueStacks (BlueStacks). It is a pretty seamless solution for running all of those Android games on your surface. Not perfect, but it does a really good job and doesn't require any technical know how. I recommend installing a new launcher first so that you can actually use the Android functions if you would like.
Microsoft needs to give attractive incentives to dev's to port their games to the MS world like BlackBerry did, they gave a playbook to any dev that made/ported games for the playbook when it passed their inspection and approval, so MS should give huge discounts on their Surface line to devs to port over their games/apps after they pass the approval stage... then we would see games/apps and stuff being done/ported by the tons!
Absolutely! Negative comments like "you bought the wrong device" dont help. Consumers by a tablet to browse the web watch vids and play "facebook" games. iPads and Android tablets have these by the thousand. It is down to microsoft to lure in these developers - especially on RT based devices which cant fall back on x86 apps or emulators.
Game of War is mobile only, but you can play Candy Crush and all the rest of the Facebook connected games in your browser, and they work fine.