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gestureworks gameplay on SP2 perfect virtual gamepad


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It's release and is great on pc games it's a virtual gamepad that you custom dpad, analog, and buttons it's call gestureworks game play, is great on the SP2 if you don't want drag along a xbox360 control,
Games has tobe using direct x 9c and above,

Games I'm using on and works are

Bio shock
Super street fighter iv ae, must use keyboard fix
Tera online
League of legend
Dead space
Tomb raider
New mortal kombat
Call of duty black ops
Lost planet 1 2 and 3
Rising dead
Rayman legends
Final fantasy 7 2012 edition
Need for speed most wanted
Ridge racer unbound
Plus many more....

This is great for the SP2 look it up at y o u t u be.