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Getting a Surface Pro 2! Hopefully


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Hey there guys long time surface pro lover here. I had the original and when the pro 2 was announced it took everything in me not to pre-order it. Untill my friend offered to buy the surface pro from me. Now i have the money, but it seems microsoft doesn't have the pro 512 for me :( anyways ive been looking around and asking everywhere. It seems frys only got 5 of each surface pro 2, and best buy never got any of the 512 or 256 models. Thus I was left to the internet where once again no 512's anywhere. Except for staples surprisingly. I was wondering what kind of experience any one ever had with staples and shipping. Ive never really bought anything online from them and wondered what their reputation was. I also wondered if anyone thought if maybe the 256 model would be big enough since i plan on using my surface for a lot of music editing project thus putting a huge music library on it. Any input would be awesome.


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Not sure anyone has a 512. I have the 256 with 8G memory and it is great (if, of course, you can live with that much space). You can also put a 64G card in the side, and I hear that 128G cards are on the way so maybe that's an alternative. Only you know your disk space requirements.


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well i waited too long. Seems staples did have the 512 but now that i checked they were out of stock i talked to them and they said that they did have some but now they're sold out. All this is too similar to the last time microsoft released the surface pro, and i dont like it lol. Well thanks for the input anyways :)


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There are a few people on here with 512Gb versions. You could always do what I do and use SD cards, SkyDrive and networked PC's (which you may or may not already have) to store your media on...

As for Staples, I did buy a PC from them once. It blew up...
well smoke started pouring out the back of it the first time I loaded a game up. To be fair though I got my money back no problem.


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oooph! sounds like a faulty power supply when you started gaming and taxed it to the max it went kaput! lol


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I have the 512 model. I preordered mine 2nd day of preorders and I just got it Wednesday. So its out there just didn't make many apparently