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Getting to Microsoft Support Pages


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When I go to Support.Microsoft.com and then attempt to get to the Surface support area, it redirects me to login.live.com. The browser then sits there and churns forever and I never can get to the support area. I have tried logging in first, then going to the area. My account shows that everything is running......and no issues there.



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I followed the steps you did. When I got to the initial page, I keyed Surface into the search window and it came back with several Surface options. I chose the following link: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 features | Surface Pro 2 overview. It churned for quite awhile but finally opened up the page that it should have. I suspect that the site may just be very busy since the Surface is new and there are probably a lot of people hitting the site.


Their site still needs some work - performance has been a little off since the latest 'version' for lack of a better word. When the Surface site first went live I don't recall it looking like it does now. Navigation is a bit poor too - but I am glad they have a dedicated site as a resource to Surface products so I try not to complain too much.

But I do have hit or miss results using different devices to access the site and what not. Kills me using it on iPad, but then again that's why I should be using my Surface. :)