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GPS For Surface RT


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I just recently purchased a Surface RT and found it doesn't have a built-in GPS. Has anyone purchased an external
GPS device and if so, would you recommend it?




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Thanks... I did find something yesterday on the MS Apps Store that had GPS maps work if you connected an external device. But that is all it said. :(
Are you sure they work? I've been trying to get my Bluetooth (NMEA over SPP, pretty standard) receiver recognized by Metro apps, to no avail. It works just fine with all desktop apps...


nmea ove spp probably won't work. you need something that supports MS location sensor. On my surface pro, i have to 1st connect via bluetooth, which is enough for apps that support NMEA over spp, but to use with modern ui apps (like HERE Maps) I have to use a driver that acts as an inbetween.
Welcome to GPSDirect GPS NMEA Windows 7 Windows 8 Sensor Driver iOS Android TCP

The only downside is i have to uninstall the driver for wifi location to work.

For Windows RT, I don't know if something similar exsists
Thanks, GPSdirect works, albeit not in RT as you mention. I was just wondering if a "Win 8" native Bluetooth GPS really exists. Because it if it did then I would be able to emulate it when using GPS emulator programs for Android, etc.

But I've not been able to find a single one and thus I must conclude that no actual Bluetooth GPSs work with Metro.
Only internal ones with specific Win8 drivers do.