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Greetings, Beautiful People!


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Hey guys,

Just joined this place. Looks like it's really going to be getting far. Anyway, I picked up my Surface two days ago and it has rightfully earned it's place on my desk. Attached is a picture for your viewing pleasure:


Back: iMac 21.5in, Mid 2011 Model
Front: Surface RT, w/ black touch cover
Right: Thinkpad T510 w/ Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

iMac and Thinkpad share a keyboard and mouse via Synergy.

I'm in love with my Surface RT and am using it almost as my main computing device. RT is much more powerful than Microsoft advertises it.

Now a little about me. I'm 17 years young and have just recently acquired a job at Apple Retail. Call me a walking irony but hey, it had to happen. Microsoft took shop right outside of the Apple Store and I just had to buy it. I was previously a Linux Systems Administrator by trade running the latest GSIII but now am forced to use my iPhone 5. Yeah, I love technology. :p

Hope to have a great time here!

-- DV