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hacking memory to make s3 faster

since ms3 is a full windows 10 device is there any external device to make more ram for example add a wireless pc to use as ram because 2gb is slow to me or how can i run photoshop or programs that require 4gb or 8gb of ram when i only have 2gb or less and my surface lags using autodesk mud 2016.


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My personal opinion is that you should have gone with the i5. You will never make that Surface 3 into anything more than it is. That may sound harsh but it is what it is.


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I have to agree with that, seems we have gotten the wrong tool for the job and there's no way to make up the difference.

Here's what they recommend for Autodesk mudbox 2016
System requirements for Autodesk Mudbox 2016 | Mudbox | Autodesk Knowledge Network
Minimum 4GB RAM 8GB Recommended

Recommended Graphics card
Autodesk - Certified Hardware - Find Recommended Hardware

Recommended systems:
Autodesk - Certified Hardware - Find Recommended Hardware

Typical system recommendation is Workstation class.
Selected Product(s): Autodesk Mudbox 2016
Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-bit
System Manufacturer: Dell, HP, Lenovo
System Type Manufacturer
Dell Precision M3800 G2 Workstation Laptop Dell
Dell Precision M6800 G2 Workstation Laptop Dell
Dell Precision T7610 Workstation Desktop Dell

HP Z640 Workstation Workstation Desktop HP
HP Zbook 15 Workstation Laptop HP
HP ZBook 15 G2 Workstation Laptop HP

Lenovo ThinkPad W540 Workstation Laptop Lenovo
Lenovo ThinkPad W541 Workstation Laptop Lenovo
Lenovo ThinkStation P500 Workstation Desktop Lenovo


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To remove windows.old you need to run disk cleanup and select clean up system files, and it will appear in the list. However on win 10 insider program, i have found that even though i delete it like this, it seems to just reappear again. It won't interfere with saved programs though.

I found that by modifying the hosts file, it sped up a very small amount, but it is still the same old laggy S3 it always was. This is a tablet class device running a desktop OS so it is fairly understandable.


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yeah i for the past 3 months mad at melf wish i got a lenovo.
You may want to check the Lenovo forums, they have many of the same issues. In fact I just had a customer complain about all the problems she's having with hers brand new Lenovo yesterday. I told her to return it and get a Surface. ;)

I've had 4 Surface Pro4s in my office and (because of the configuration mods I did) none are having any problems nor are any of the 40-50 in hands of customers.


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The application hardware requirements far exceed the Surface 3 hardware, it's not even close.

If your working on a small project it may not need as much resources but you're underpowered everywhere. I doubt the Atom CPU even meets specs but minimum RAM is 4GB and the eMMC storage is slow compared to any SSD so swapping which is bad to start with will be hampered by the slower storage. The Graphics is also very weak compared to the recommendations. This may be a stretch even for a Surface Pro depending on the project, if it's small and not too complex you might get by. Those recommended laptops are big high end devices not 800-1000 laptops were talking 1200 to start and up.

i5 minimum, i7 recommended
4GB minimum, 8GB recommend
Intel P4600 minimum ( which exceeds SP3 i7)
Skylake HD 520 or 540 should meet minimum requirements.

IMO there's no way to make this work on a Surface 3.

You need at least an SP4 i5 with 8Gb RAM or an SP4 i7.
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