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Really? A forum search here brought up nothing about Heartbleed? Man. Even the IT guy in our department didn't hear about Heartbleed when I asked him two days after the initial announcement!

All the major players (web servers) using OpenSSL should be patched by now, so password changes should be done on client end, but there are a bunch of other things affected that I think are under the radar for most people.

Certain Cisco, Juniper products
Android 4.1.1

The big problem for me is my Android 4.1.1 phone. The patching info released by Google probably has to be vetted by the manufacturers and providers, which means actual Android patches may never see the light of day unless you're rooted. :(

I suppose this is another reason to consider a Win phone again...

Even though this was last week's news, don't think it's been wholly fixed; the OpenVPN issue came to light only yesterday.

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