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Hello everyone and his is a warning to you all,

I am an expat in China and I did my research for a new machine and decided on the surface pro about two months ago. Since then I have been trying not to bother my US friends too much about purchasing one for me. I am joining the forum to have a place to discuss issues and support, since being in China will be a huge hindrance for support and decent download speeds. I think I was the first person in China to have the BB Playbook, which I hope my new surface buries!! I will probably be the first person in China with a "legal" Pro. My main interest for this machine is handwriting recognition and note taking tied to a real computer (and I want to play WOW). My friend arrives next week with my new Pro. I can't wait.


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Welcome to the forum. Congrats and there is plenty here to get you started with your Surfaces :)