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Help going back to windows 8.1 from W10.


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Very well could be. I know I didn't get any indication that I got less than I should have on the original download. Everything appeared normal.

Hopefully the OP is still around and has been reading here.


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I have also had a problem reverting back to Windows 8 on my SP2. I am planning on staying with 10, but I want to be able to go back if I need to. I have tried many things and had given up until I saw this post. Here is the problem... I created a recovery partition before I installed Windows 10. When I tried to go back, I followed the instructions to restore from a USB device. I get to the part where you tell it to re-partition the disk. At that point it tells me to insert the window recovery or installation media and won't go any further. I then downloaded the recovery disk from Microsoft and I get to the same place with the same results. Any ideas on how to fix it?



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I keep getting the same thing. How did you get back to 8.1? I have tried a multiple downloads by creating recovery images multiple times aobut 7GB zips formatted as FAT32. I still the same problem where I enter the USB and it says verifying, then says no good.


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Here is what I tried. Seems to be working.

1. Either use your previously created USB recovery stick from your own
machine OR download the image from the support website. Follow the
directions on creating the USB recovery stick (quick format doesn't matter,
but FAT32 does).
2. Boot into the recovery tools using the instructions provided by
Microsoft or on this forum.
3. Select your language and keyboard
4. Press Troubleshoot
5. Press Command Prompt (I'll use CAPS for commands, but they can be in any
7. Type LIST DISK (there's a space between LIST and DISK) (a list of your
disk partitions will appear)
8. Type CLEAN (it will come back with a success message)
9. Type EXIT
10. Close the command prompt, which will return you to the recovery screen
11. Press Troubleshoot, Reset, Next (skip the recovery key is asked),
Repartition the drives, Just Remove my files (which is faster, but either
choice works), and Reset (I think I got that order right..in any case, reset
your Surface).
12. The Surface will go through the reset process.
13. A bios screen asking you whether you want to reset the TMP will appear.
You can press ESC, but the support tech said that you can also press and
hold the power button for 30 seconds to turn off the Surface, and then press
it again to turn it back on.
14. Enjoy Windows 8.1 and wait for the Consumer Preview of 10!