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Help with android emulator and WIFI connection to camera?


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I downloaded and installed DuOS to try to run an android app that will allow me to connect to my new DSLR camera by WIFI and download pictures etc. The app is the NikonWireless Transfer utility.

DuOS runs fine and the app seems to run fine but I'm having trouble connecting to the camera. On a native Android device it works with no problem. I connect the tablet to the WIFI access point (the camera) and then it works. However I can connect the Surface to the camera by WIFI (either through windows or through the Android OS) but the app is not getting a connection to the camera. This is very disappointing and unfortunatley means I might have to borrow an android device to use the WIFI on my new camera. Annoyingly it ONLY works with this app and the app is ONLY available on iOS and android, not even a windows or OSX desktop version.

Anyone have any idea if it might be possible to get this working or if it's a limitation of using DuOS?


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Googleing NikonWireless Transfer utility gives me NikonWireless *Transmitter* utility, is that correct?

What version is the utility? Which camera do you have?