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here's a short video explaining surface power management


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Joao Botto is on of the engineers on the Surface Team focusing on Enterprise Deployments. He's a good guy and nice to have them explain this :)


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That was SO good I'm making it a sticky for a while. It certainly has been explained here before, (in a ton of posts) but not as concisely.


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Should the Surface pro 4 have hibernation mode? I don't have it listed like he does in the video. Also my advanced power settings critical power action default setting is still hibernate, but if I click on it disappears and only option is shut down (or nothing plugged in). I am thinking I will change it to shut down because, in essence shut down is what the old hibernate used to be years ago anyway. It's just confusing because there have been so many UI and feature changes in the last couple years. The good thing is battery life, especially on sleep is massively better than when I first got it. Just not sure why the default settings don't match the hardware?
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