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I'm excited to be joining the group of Microsoft Surface Pro users. I bought my SP4 on sale this past BF and will be receiving the machine today. So whoo hoo I'll be tableting soon which will be an entirely new experience for me.

I bought it to use for both casual uses and as a good compliment to my digital stills photography hobby.

My wife just got a Dell XPS 13 which is unbelievably light and compact. I really look forward to making an informal comparison to the SP4.

I'm rambling. Thanks for making the forum and I am excited to get reading.

Welcome to the community Arnie.

Sounds like you've a good usage scenario for this kind of device.

I find comparisons with the surface pros an iffy one. I don't think they can ever compare to a laptop, but a laptop can never compare to a surface. I find the surface the worst of both and the beat of both.