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Hi from Spain


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Hi everyone. New user from Spain here (please excuse my poor english).

I´ve been a Surface Pro 4 user for three months now.

I have very mixed feelings about it.

On the bright side, it has become the center of my digital life. An awesome extremely useful and versatile tool.

And at the same time...

The most unstable and unreliable electronic device I have ever owned. It has brought me back to the worst days of Windows 95. It has crashed badly (hardware reset needed) eleven times in the last twenty days.

Last week I had to use my old laptop for a public conference because I simply didn´t trust my surface enough to use it (and in fact, during informal meetings after the conference, it crashed when browsing images).

I´m really looking forward to search for info in this forum before I reinstall it clean or return it to microsoft.

It will be great learning from all your colective experience.

Best regards.


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Welcome to the forum

Heard virtually the same story just yesterday from a customer with 5 new Lenovo Thinkpads, (All Skylake processors)

A solution may be provided Aug. 2 with the anniversary update. With that said, some of the tweaks you'll find on the forum should make it more stable. None of the many SP4 users I know are having those issues, not even a little.


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Thanks for your reply.

I folowed every tip and trick I found at this website, and my SP4 continued to be severely unstable.

I came to suspect my unit had faulty hardware, so I asked Microsoft to change my unit for a new one. In just five days, I had a replacement with me.

It is too soon to say if something has been fixed or not, but at least, the new unit encrypted the hard drive and my 128 Gb SD Card in one go. My previous surface crashed badly everytime it tried to encrypt for a long time (I´m still wondering how nothing got corrupted after so may crashes).

I´ll see if the new unit is stable and report back.

Thanks a lot.