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Hope for Minecraft


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With MS buying Minecraft for $2.5 Billion, I am hoping one of the first things they do is release a version for the Surface. Would be great to enjoy the same kind of touch interface as iPad has on a Microsoft device. If anyone hears any rumors, etc. please post.


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That somehow never crossed my mind. Minecraft on my surface pro would be amazing.
Include Mod support and I'm sold.


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Minecraft is already available for Windows, but I'm sure they will release a touch friendly Windows store version.

Microsoft didn't just buy Minecraft for $2.5Billion, they bought Minecraft's publisher, Mojang.

Cobalt Wraith

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My hope for the application is honestly that the app becomes the go to version for Minecraft. It will need some serious work before then, but the new cross-platform play is encouraging and the app seems to be getting updated faster than the Java version. If this is the version that is played on the HoloLense I think that will nail things down as far as a unified cross-platform app being Microsoft's vision for the games future.