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Hot while Sleeping


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I thought it might be worthwhile to start another thread on this.

I use my SP4 a lot during the day visiting customers. I close the lid, put it in the leather case and drop it in my car when finished. I find sometimes, but not always, I will take it out again at home or my next appointment to find it obviously hot, not dangerously hot, but it should be sleeping, not running flat out and running the battery down.

I have all the updates installed. I read about this problem before and I had assumed that it was all sorted, but it seems not. I'm thinking from now on I should just shut it down instead.

Any thoughts?


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Check sleep report. There could be a program occasionally stopping it from entering sleep.


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I noticed this as well. Seems to happen to me sometimes and yes I too have evrything up to date. One thing that so far seems to fix it (have only done this a couple days ago) is disable windows hello. Haven't had it so far since doing this but will keep an eye on it and report back.
Also how do you generate a sleep report? and does it factor in only installed apps or is it more detailed?

To be honest I don't believe the sleep problem was ever truly fixed, maybe just improved. I think people who did experience it bagan to finally give in and disable windows hello. No more sleep problems so they stopped being vocal about the issue, thus Microsoft stopped really trying to address the issue. Quite ridiculous really, if features like windows hello are advertised for my product, i shouldn't have to disable it to fix an issue Microsoft should have fixed a long time ago!


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The only time that I have this happen these days is if I put it to sleep and then disconnect the charger which wakes it up and it never automatically goes back to sleep. I don't know if this is what you are doing but, if so, always remove the charger first before putting your Surface to sleep.