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How can I send in my Surface Pro 3 for repair or replacement?


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I think this is my third or for sure second Pro 3 that just stops booting or refuses to come out of sleep. I want to send it in for repair using my Microsoft account online form but it is asking me to download a diagnostics toolkit to a computer that will not boot.
I wish to send it in for repair or replacement but don't know how or where to send it.
My location is Vancouver, B.C. and all retail outlets are closed.
Anyone have an idea how to submit for repair?
Diagnostics Toolkit


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Normally if you go further from the steps that tell you to install the diagnostic toolkit (which is obviously impossible in your case) you can continue to the option to send it in.
However, a Surface Pro 3.... Wouldn't it be almost as cheap, if not cheaper, to buy a second hand Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 2017?