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How do you feel about the size/portability of SP3 versus your (former) SP2 ?


I had the SP1 and with typepad attached it fit just perfectly in a pocket of my messenger bag. I was sure that when I went to the SP3 I would have to make other arrangements or buy the next size larger of this particular messenger bag. I was confused when the new SP3 with typepad also fit perfectly in the same pocket. I guess the thinness made up for the overall size.


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I'm using the SP2 with Visual Studio and Hyper-V/virtual machines and I don't have these problems. I'm sure that many SP3 testers were Microsoft employees so it has seen plenty of Visual Studio use during testing. If there are problems with the SP3, I am sure they will be fixed via updates. But even now I think that there may be some workarounds. I will keep an eye of threads regarding this issue though.

SP3 uses connected standby, which is one of SP3's best features. Hyper-V doesn't support that technology.


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anytime I'm using it while actually HOLDING the thing for any length of time, my forearms and shoulders thank me for upgrading.


sp3 is perfect in size and weight for me, of course thinner is better, lighter is better. sp2 on the other hand, it's too weight and too thick to be what it's supposed to be.