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How to Cancel Movie Download and Stream Instead on Surface RT


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Hi Everyone!
So I apologize if this question has been answered. I made a honest attempt at using the search feature with no prevail. Also I apologize if this is in the wrong section. I have the Microsoft Surface RT.

Here is my Question: In the Video Store, where one can rent or purchase movies and then either download or stream to watch, how do I cancel the download option (after clicking it) and then select the option to stream.

Here is what happened: I recently (about an hour ago) rented a movie off of the Microsoft Movie Store. When I went to click watch via Streaming I accidentally clicked the "Download" option. I usually would not mind downloading a movie but I am running low on disc space. Anyway after accidentally clicking download, the surface began it's process which then failed due to insufficient memory. No Biggie right? I figured if I opened the download manger and cancelled the download all together then the watching selection would change back. Nope, I was wrong. Instead of having both options (Play & Download) it only gives me one (Download). The movie is a rental and still has a little under 2 weeks before it expires. I would like to resolve this issue before it does because there are no refunds after a movie is purchased or rented. '

So is there anyway I can go back to having the "Streaming" option?

Any answers are GREATLTY Appreciated! Thank you for taking the time in order to help me find a solution! I hope everyone has a great Day/ Evening!


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Also I should mention that I just rented another movie, as soon as I completed the purchase steps it automatically asked me the quality I wished to download the movie in. I didn't even have the chance to select download. Is there a feature I might have on that makes the surface automatically download my movie rentals or purchases? Or are there certain movies that are download only? The two moves I rented are "Out of The Furnace"(2013) and "The Terminator" (1984). So the range in movie age is pretty vast. Originally I thought maybe the movie was download only but I don't see it stated anywhere that it is.

It's actually getting to be quite frustrating now.

Live I said before Your help will be forever appreciated!!!