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How to copy Blu-ray movie to avoid scratched by children


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Maybe you just like me, had the experience that favourite Blu-ray movie is scratched by Naughty children. In order to avoid this situation, we'd better backup or rip the Blu-ray movie onto computer in advance. Thus, we need the help of Blu-ray Ripping software. Pavtube Bytecopy is highly recommended for you. Which is designed very user-friendly, you can easily finish the backup process with few clicks.

Today, this article will introduce 3 ways for you to Backup Blu-rays by using the Best Blu-ray cloner.

The first way: Directly Copy

  1. Install Pavtube Bytecopy (link).
  2. Insert your Blu-ray disc. Make sure you have enough space on your drive (depending on the disc, this could be up to 50 GB).
  3. Fire up this Blu-ray Ripper and choose your Blu-ray drive to load Blu-ray movie files. Pavtube Bytecopy will open the disc, and then present you with the titles on the disc.Then, choose the “Directly copy” option in “Copy”.
  4. Hit the Convert button and your movie should start ripping.
  5. When it’s done, just double click on the resulting file and it will play in VLC.

The Second Way: Full disc copy

After imported your original Blu-ray movie, click on the "Full disc copy" option to start backing up the full Blu-ray disc on your PC.


The third Way: Rip Blu-ray with quality lossless

The best Blu-ray ripper allows you to rip Blu-ray to MKV, MOV, MP4 with original multi-tracks. The process will keep the video quality as good as original.When you import your source Blu-ray movie file, click "Format" drop down list, move your mouse to "multi-track video" Directory. Then, select the format you need.


Pavtube Bytecopy
is very easy to use, even if you are a beginner, you can operate it smoothly. It's worth mentioning that, after you imported your source Blu-ray into it. By default, the main movie will be checked when you select directly copy or rip option. Hope it also works well for you!