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How to improve the camera resolution? ZOOM !


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Ola, doing good ? ^__^
I have camera issue with my SP3 camera it's very low resolution even text in book that's in front of the cam.
not clear at all, sometimes I really doubt if that is a 5MP resolution it's not even 2.o_O

Really I need it for picturing handouts & the whiteboard in my class but with this resolution ...oh boy! that's stopped me.:(
You know what, that my phone camera is 5Mp too but it's way better so because of this I think that my SP3 cam didn't work properly..

I need to make it better as a real 5MP with focus also I wish it could Zoom :rolleyes:
PLEASE, if you had experienced this issue or you could solve it, comm'on lets cooperate to be happier ;)



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How about OneDrive syncing your phone photos over to your SP3, I think that's the way to get good photos on it. :)


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I must admit that I use my phone now most of the time for photos and even short videos. The camera roll automatically gets backed up to OneDrive so I can bring them into the Surface when I want. With that said, I understand your problem. You can not get close enough to a printed page to fill the Surface screen and stay in focus. If you back out until the page is in focus and take a shot, you might be able to zoom in & crop with a photo editor. I use Microsoft Picture editor (Is part of Office) for most of my simple stuff like zooming, cropping and changing the size.


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I luv my SP3 but the camera is atrocious! I tried to take a pic of my new phone and a tiny mod I did and the pics came out horrible! I don't know what Microsoft was thinking putting such a crappy camera... here is the pic! it is just so grainy and washed out!


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Although I did not buy my Surface for the camera, when I buy an item that's supposed to have a 5 mp camera, I expect to have the use of a decent camera. As it is, I would prefer that Surface not have a camera and charge less money than have what it claims is a camera.


This is my third surface and apart from Skype, I have never even opened the camera. A tablet is the last thing I would take a photo with


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OK, who here bought their Surface for the camera? ;)
Ok, I didn't look it over, but if Microsoft is going to put a no zoom camera in there at least adjust the focus to be on an A4/Letter size page for OCR work. After ask they are positioning the machine as the productive alternative to an iPad/MacBook combination.


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I didn't buy my SP3 for a camera but I did buy the most premium device Microsoft has ever made. I expect more for this kind of money. It is as if Mercedes Benz created their finest car with only an AM radio and a 2 inch speaker. No one would be that stupid to design a car that way so why was MS so stupid with the camera?


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MS went down one of their famous market research rabbit holes not realizing when you ask the question you get the answer you wanted and never thought thru the workflow implications.

Despite the comedians derision of people taking photos with tablets there are many workflows where a photo is useful as a starting point or supporting role and being able to take that photo on the same device is a great benefit. Thus by asking the common man on the street, they would scoff at using something as unwieldy as a tablet for taking photos, the many use cases that need photos in the workflow were totally ignored and were right in the target market for a Surface Pro. Tone deaf marketing strikes again.

Let's hope they make a big deal of their mistake (as they often do) an fit the SP4 with proper premium cameras and camera apps.
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I'm sure the execs at MS read these posts and will demand their engineers put a good camera in the SP4. One good reason for a good camera is so it can serve as a decent scanner.