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How To: Install latest Intel Graphics Drivers


I needed Intel Reference drivers in order to access the Intel Graphics Panel. The driver will refuse to install unless a few items are modified. I followed an excellent tutorial on how to do this and thought I'd re-share the process here.

Instructions here ----> http://sertacozercan.com/2015/02/ho...hics-drivers-on-windows-10-technical-preview/

"If you would like to install latest Intel drivers out of box to Windows 10 TP, you are out of luck since Intel is blocking the installation of them. With a little tinkering, you can install these drivers to enable more features and control for devices such as Surface Pro 3.

First, you need to download the latest drivers from Intel’s website at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/

If you are using a Surface Pro 3 like me, select Graphics Drivers > Laptop Graphics Drivers > 4th gen Intel with HD 4400 (otherwise select whatever that suits your configuration)"​


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Keep in mind, Intel does not post drivers for Windows 10, their policy is not to share drivers for beta os's. That being said, there are places on the net to get them. Latest win 10 beta drivers are